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Cars & Bikes

Mr. Smith is a retired army man who is fond of riding cars and bikes. He has a wide collection of cars, which is an exhibit of his strong passion for cars. Recently, Smith suffered a heart attack and that left Smith and his family stunned. Although his passion still touches the sky, but due to this incident, he'd be unable to drive cars and thus needs a proper garage to keep them safe and sound.

Just one call and PiQQSPACE rushed to the rescue. Smith got in touch with Sam, through PiQQSPACE, who provided Smith with garages to store his cars and bikes. The garages, to Smith's astonishment were in perfect condition, and Sam ensured proper fuelling and maintenance until Smith recovered completely.

PiQQSPACE not only grants space, but also well wishers!

Documents & Office Supplies

It was a sunny morning when Joe got a call from his office. What came next, brought a wide grin on his face.

Joe was promoted! And the new post would be requiring a bit more dedication and time but it would start off in a month. Meanwhile, Joe needed a space to keep his documents and office equipments safe.

After consulting some of his office mates, Joe came to know about PiQQSPACE, an expert in secure storage. They made Joe get in touch with Anna, a store incharge, who was willing to lend one of the rooms in her backyard for storing documents and other materials. Joe met Anna and inspected the space she was putting forward, and found it satisfyingly safe to keep his documents and office equipments. Anna assured to keep a check on his stuff and keep it safe.

PiQQSPACE not only ensures safety, but also sustainability.

Toys and Winter Clothing

Last summer, when John and Kaylie's daughter turned 4, they realised, they had to store her old toys somewhere. Along with that, the winter clothes always needed a place to be stored.

John, a corporate office worker, finds it really difficult and tiring to browse through various sites and sources to find a compatible space for storing the toys and winter clothing. Looking at the constricted time he has, Kaylie helped him find the perfect source for storage, PiQQSPACE!

PiQQSPACE, being a really smart and sustainable way to secure storage, helped John and Kaylie big time. Kaylie called up Max, an architect who lived in the neighbouring street. Max handed over the keys to his basement with a room where the baby's toys and winter clothes could be kept. Max also made sure to look after the stored materials, and keep pests away.

With PiQQSPACE, Kaylie and John not only had a satisfying committed fulfilled, but also found a trustworthy neighbour.

Sport & Equipment

After winning the final round of Women's hockey tournament, Katherine and her team decided to go on a vacation to celebrate their victory. But before they boarded their flights to Hawaii, they had to make sure that their hockey sticks and other sports equipments were properly stored.

To ensure this, Katherine chose PiQQSPACE! She had been hearing about PiQQSPACE from her coach and other team members. PiQQSPACE provided them with a secure space in the form of a well furnished outhouse. Alex, the owner of the outhouse, assured Katherine that the sports equipments would be safe, and in perfect condition when they return. He would facilitate regular pest control inspection and sprays.

This way, Katherine not only found safety, but a promise of keeping her passion secure, through PiQQSPACE.

Boats & Kayaks

Will and Alissa is a happy couple who loves kayaking together on weekends.

Will learnt kayaking 2 years back and taught the same to her wife, soon after. Will works at a corporate office and his wife works as a babysitter. They started facing space-related problems once they shifted to an apartment. Lack of space to keep their kayaks posed a big problem to Will and Alissa.

They started looking for spaces in the neighbourhood until PiQQSPACE came to their rescue! Within a span of 2 days, PiQQSPACE provided Will and Alissa with a secure space to store their kayaks. The space provided was quite close to their apartment and the owners ensured proper handling and maintenance of the kayaks and the rent was kind to the pocket too.

It's been 2 months and the couple is really satisfied with the service. PiQQSPACE ensures proper maintenance and sustainable storage to families in need.

Recreational Vehicles

Amongst the beautiful terrains of Canada, Dave's RV could be seen carrying tourists with love and safety. But like every good thing comes to a halt once in a while, Dave's touristy outings also come to a halt in winters when the snow sleeps on mountains, lakes and roads. During those months, Dave has to park his RV somewhere, that assures safety and proper maintenance.

Dave got in touch with PiQQSPACE, and within a week, he found the perfect place to store his vehicle. It was a well maintained garage with proper lighting and locking system. The garage housed several other recreational vehicles as well, and so Dave was assured that his RV would be safe. The owner met Dave and promised him his RV's security and also told him to keep a check.

Dave couldn't be more thankful to PiQQSPACE for securing his passion and profession, and giving him a new friend in the form of the space owner.