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Frequently Asked Questions


What is PiQQSPACE?

PiQQSPACE is an online platform which allows the Space Owners and Space Seekers to connect with each other. Here you can find storage and parking spaces within their neighbourhood making it affordable, accessible and sustainable.

Is PiQQSPACE a parking or storage provider?

No, PiQQSPACE is an online technology platform which connects Space Owners and Space Seekers. Space Owners work independently and use PiQQSPACE as a medium to facilitate their services to Space Seekers.


What is the cost incurred to Space Seeker?

PiQQSPACE acts as a platform for space aggregation. The cost for storage or parking may vary between different spaces and services offered.

How can I contact PiQQSPACE?

We at PiQQSPACE would love to hear from you about your experience and try to help you out. We can be contacted by: or Contact Us.

How can I contact the Space Owner?

PiQQSPACE provides a direct messaging interface for Space Seekers to reach out to Space Owners on our platform.

Can someone else deliver or collect Space Seekers items on their behalf?

PiQQSPACE understands that the Space Seeker might use services provided by the moving company who drops off or picks up items from storage or parking facilities. Please make sure that you let the Space Owner know in advance whom to expect.

What if I need accessibility of the space during the period of usage?

Space Seekers can reach out to Space Owners through private messaging to discuss the level on ongoing access Space Owners are willing to provide before a deal is made (i.e. Weekends/Custom Accessibility Hours/24×7 Private Access/ By Appointment).

Availability is set by the Space Owner and can be seen on the listing page.

A space can be:

  1. 24 x 7 Access– Space Owner will provide the Space Seeker with a key, PIN code or garage door opener so they may access items whenever they want.
  2. On Request Access– Space Seekers may access items with advanced prior notice in coordination with the Space Owner.

How long can a Space Seeker rent a space?

Space Seekers can rent out a space for a variable period of time in agreement with the Space Owner. PiQQSPACE supports both short and long-term rentals.


Who is a Space Owner?

A Space Owner is a registered user on PiQQSPACE that has a listed his space for the purposes of storage and parking services.

What are the benefits of being a Space Owner?

Being a Space Owner on PiQQSPACE is a great way to help people in your community to store their stuff and earn extra money by sharing your spare space. This can help you to:

  1. Recover cost of home ownership
  2. Pay your mortgage off faster
  3. Save for a holiday or wedding
  4. Be an entrepreneur making additional income

What happens if Space Owner stops getting paid?

Space Seekers have verification and feedback which is made available to you before you enter into any deal with any space seeker. In the unlikely event of payment default, PiQQSPACE will make every effort to assist you to contact the Space Seeker regarding their stored or parked stuff and payment.

We also have provisions within our Terms of Use regarding abandonment events and payment default. We would encourage you to familiarize yourself with our terms of use.

What kind of Space Owner rent out?

A Space Owner can rent out any type of spare space you have, including but never limited to:

  1. Basement Space
  2. Closet Space
  3. Warehouse Spaces
  4. Spare rooms
  5. Attics
  6. Garage Spaces
  7. Backyard Spaces
  8. Cupboard Spaces
  9. Hallway Spaces
  10. Crawl spaces

As long as it is Space Owner’s space to rent out and security can be maintained,the possibilities are endless.

What are Space Owner’s obligations?

  1. Space Owners are never obligated to accept a request; however, a timely response is appreciated.
  2. Booking requests expire in 48 hours or by midnight of start date for requests with less than 48 hours lead time.
  3. After Space Seeker’s items are in Space Owner’s possession,  the Space Owner has the responsibility to keep items in their care in a safe and secure manner.

Can the Space Owner inspect Space Seekers items?

To be on the safer side, Space Owners may inspect contents prior to accepting storage or parking. We recommend taking documentation for personal records and a mutual agreement for stored stuff between the Space Owner and Space Seeker.

In case Space Seeker refuses to disclose stored items, Space owners may refuse acceptance and cancel the reservation.


How do I change my password?

To change your password, go to your profile. You may edit details for your profile from “My profile” and you will see a place to reset your password.

What if I forgot my password and want to reset it?

To reset your password, select “Forgot Password” on the login page. Enter your email address and we will email you a link to reset your password.

How do I delete PiQQSPACE account?

We’d hate to see you go, though you can always email us at for assistance in removing your account.


When will the Space Owner get paid?

For bookings:

  • Under 7 days, payments are deposited directly at the end of the booking.
  • Under 30 days, payments are made at the start of every 7 days of the booking while it is in effect. For any number of days exceeding the weekly cycle, payments will be paid out at the beginning of the remaining period.
  • Over 30 days, payments are made at the start of every 30 days of the booking while it is in effect. For any number of days exceeding the monthly cycle, payments will be paid out at the beginning of the remaining period.

How will the Space Owner get paid?

Deposits made by Space Seeker are directly deposited into your bank account. No checks to deposit. No need to remind your Space Seeker for monthly checks. Welcome to the hassle free world.

What kind of payment options are available?

PiQQSPACE accepts VISA, MASTERCARD and Paypal payments.

Why did my payment via credit card failed?

If your card is not accepted, make sure you that you are entering the correct ZIP code and check the expiration date. If your card still does not work, contact your card issuer or bank.


Are my contact details accessible to all publicly?

Your contact details are not publicly accessible. Safety is our top priority, and we will never display your phone number, publicly on the website. If you wish to share your number with the space owner or space seeker you may do so.